About Us

"capsicum Vietnam"

Our Mission

To export high-quality agricultural products to customers around the world

Our Vision

We supply the world with high quality agricultural products growth in Vietnam. We work with all sections of the supply chain to minimise the use of harmful chemicals on our products. In this small way we hope to make the world a better place for future generations.

Our Values

Our values are rooted in supporting communities in the highland area of Vietnam. By connecting our farmers with our customers and paying our farmers a fair price for their produce, it allows are farmers to do what they do best - focus on creating the best products that they can. Our clients know that they are buying quality products and supporting local communities. Our farms are creating local jobs.

Our Story

Growing up on a family farm, we learned at a young age the proper way to cultivate the land. After completing degrees in business and logistics, we decided to use those skills to create a brand new business venture.

Our goal was to start a community based export company that specializes in exporting fresh, locally grown agricultural products. We are eager to help farmers from our hometowns export their fresh fruit and vegetables to the world.

Our team works with local growers who produce high-quality produce. We visit the farms, we talk to the farmers and we have sampled of their incredible produce. We know we are offering the best products available to our customers.


With experience in both logistics and business, we offer the best logistical solutions to guarantee the freshness of our products direct from our farms to you.   

Meeting Global Standards

We frequently inspect our farms and trucks to ensure our products are produced and shipped according to international standards including ISO, HACCP, GAP. 

Fair Trade Sustainable Agriculture

We work hard to ensure our produce is grown and delivered safely from our farms to you. 

Our fair trade principles deliver a higher level of welfare to our farmers, ensuring they are able to produce for many seasons to come. Our customers are supplied with the highest quality produce, ensuring all parties involved benefit. 

Sustainable Capsicum Farming

On our two hectares of capsicum farmland, we apply the latest technology to ensure that our capsicums are grown with sufficient nutrition, sunlight and water. We minimize the usage of pesticides by using natural fertilizers.