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Our Process


VIETGAP Organic Farming

Season: All year round.

– Origin: Mekong Delta and Da Lat

– Packing: Customer’s request.

– Specification:

– Temperature: 5 – 10°C


Organic Fresh Capsicum

Ensure that the capsicum meets the quality and safety standards of Singapore. This may involve conducting lab tests and complying with food safety regulations.


Sustainable Packaging

We offer a range of capsicum varieties, including green, yellow, and red. Our team can work with you to customize your order based on your specific requirements, including packaging and delivery options.

Local Farming

The capsicums are harvested from the farm by experienced farmers who carefully select the ripe ones.

Quality Capsicum Products

The capsicums are sorted according to their size, shape, and color. They are then graded based on their quality.

Minimal Waste

The capsicums are put into boxes or crates and packed for transportation. The packaging may vary depending on the distance of the destination and the mode of transportation. All steps are to minimize the use of plastic material.

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Straight From Farm
To Consumers

The capsicums are transported by road, air, or sea, depending on the location of the farm and the destination. The capsicums are distributed to retailers or wholesalers who sell them to consumers.